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    Frankie Apothecary

    Targeting eczema and sensitive skin conditions naturally! Frankie Apothecary products are highly effective and embrace NZ native plants' medicinal healing qualities. Michele, a mother of two and born and bred in beautiful New Zealand, created Frankie Apothecary organic skincare products for families with sensitive skin. In New Zealand, we are lucky to live amongst so many native plants that harbour many medicinal healing qualities. Every Frankie product is infused with healing native plants that she forages for by hand using traditional techniques. She believes that this, along with zero unnecessary fillers like water, alcohols, nasty preservatives or chemicals and her use of organic ingredients, is the reason why so many families are seeing so much success with their dry and irritated skin. Frankie Apothecary was born from products that she made for her family who suffer with eczema and very sensitive skin.