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    Pure Hazelwood

    Pure Hazelwood has developed the first line of boreal forest hazelwood necklaces and bracelets for the whole family. Hazelwood necklaces are inspired by the Native Americans who traditionally used small hazel twigs to relieve several symptoms such as baby teething pain, digestive disorders, skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, acne), joint pain and mouth sores, to name a few. For more than 19 years, Pure Hazelwood has collected thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers. 

    Make sure the necklace stays under the baby’s chin so they won’t be able to put it into their mouth. You should be able to place two fingers between the necklace and the baby’s neck. Parents must supervise children less than 3 years old wearing any necklace, at all times. Also, for maximum security, remember to change the necklace every 3 months.