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    Have you been looking for a safe cot bumper set in NZ?

    At Baby Toolbox we offer our clients a wide range of sleeping products, focusing on items that can help your child fall asleep and be comfortable throughout the night. We have everything from cot rockers, sleeping bags, swaddles, baby shusher, safe sleep positioner - safe sleep wraps, brolly sheets, dummies, comforters and Pure Safety - Vertical Cot Liners. All of these sleep products can aid in helping you get your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep.

    Our cot bumpers are popular with many NZ and global customers, because they allow for superior air circulation and thus can help reduce the risk of SIDS. Cot bumpers can protect your baby’s head and body from getting hurt in case they bump into the hard cot bars, helping put an end to those sleepless nights. We also have big bed bumpers, for when your child is ready to sleep in their very own bed. This product is a safe alternative to the traditional bed guard or rail, stopping your child from falling out of bed.