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    Tui Balm

    Tui Balms are a natural healing & skin care range that is gently effective, GE free and guaranteed altogether natural. They take pride in the high quality of ingredients used. In the early 80s, Tui Bee Balm was designed by Colin Isles, combining only natural ingredients to create a multi-purpose soothing & healing skin care balm. The recipe was gifted to the newly formed Tui Community in Golden Bay, New Zealand, in 1984. All ingredients used in their products are either whole substances occurring in nature or they are directly extracted from a whole, natural source. The beeswax in their products is certified organic NZ beeswax. Their products contain nothing that doesn't need to be in there: No synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, colouring agents, stabilisers, Parabens (aka Parabins) or other chemical additives. They make every effort to ensure that all ingredients are free of genetic engineering and that none of our ingredients are tested on animals.