We highly recommend Boba to parents choosing their first baby carrier starting their parenting journey or anyone looking to add another excellent babywearing option for their family.

The Boba Stretchy Wrap is our most recommended stretchy, and we have a large range of stretchy wraps! We love the beautiful quality, 2-way stretch fabric used in the Boba Wrap - it is easy to wrap with, easy for someone to learn to wrap with and beautifully soft for wrapping your precious newborn.

We also highly recommend the Boba 4G Carrier. It offers amazing value and lots of comfort for your carrying journey, as it can be used from newborn to about 3 years. This means one carrier with many ways to use it. The Boba 4G includes a very simple, easy to use infant insert and has 3 different size settings. The Boba 4G can be used on the front and back, with awesome duel adjustable straps. The shoulder straps and waist on the Boba 4G are well padded and comfortable.

With a core range of Boba designs and regular limited editions, you are sure to find a Boba to suit your family.


From Boba's website:

Boba crafts the finest and funnest babywearing products available anywhere. Because like you, we want to go places as a family and in style.

We want to grow together and experience all that life has to offer—step by unpredictable, unforgettable step. That’s why we built a business on supporting the bond between baby and parent with baby carriers, baby wraps and accessories designed just the way you wish they’d be. So go ahead and wander. Today, the destination is anywhere.

The start of Boba

Boba began its journey much as it continues today: on a great adventure. In 2007, Elizabeth Antunovic and her husband Robert packed up to travel the world with nothing more than their two kids, two suitcases, a few thousand dollars and an idea that was too good to keep waiting. While abroad—traveling through Ireland and the Balkans, spending a month in Egypt and making temporary homes in the Rajasthan desert, the tropics of Karnataka and a rich mingling of other global destinations—Boba began to bud.

The couple worked on trains, from hammocks, in adobe huts and under mosquito nets. They answered emails on the shores of the Adriatic, Arabian, Red and Mediterranean Seas. And soon, Robert’s deep-seated entrepreneurism moved Elizabeth’s baby wrap idea from concept into company. On the very day the website launched, Boba made its first sale and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Boba is still owned and operated under the watchful eyes of both Elizabeth and Robert, but their family has now grown to include a full, extended team of expert exploration enthusiasts.