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    Our regular sleep positioner is suitable for use in your bassinet, cot or crib at home or away. Our Travel Sleepwrap is convenient for home, travelling or out and about and can be rolled up and placed in a nappy bag providing a great alternative to bulky travel cots. The travel wrap is suitable for your cot, a single bed, portacot, caravan or boat.

    Features and Benefits

    - Safe secure sleep for babies, piece of mind for parents.

    - Snoozz Sleepwrap has been Safety tested.

    - Fabric tested.

    - Great for back sleeping sleeping positions.

    - Tummy Sleeping

    - Climbing out of bed at night

    - Sliding under bedding

    - Helps to prevent plagiocephaly without synostosis (PWS) also known as flat head.

    - The swaddling effect of the wrap can promote a sense of security and help with a longer, safer and more restful sleep.

    - Helps prevent accidents caused by babies getting jammed in cot slats or attempting to climb out of the cot.

    - Gives the safest sleep position without restricting natural movement.

    - Works with sleeping bag or sleep sack.

    - Easy to secure and remove baby.

    - Especially suitable for babies suffering from reflux, colic and colds.

    - Easy to wash


    Sleepwrap Regular
    Age: 0-9 months (0-36 months with toddler wrap)
    To use for bassinet and cot mattress
    Content: Mattress wrap 180 cm + Baby wrap



    Sleepwrap Travel

    Age: 0-9 months , (0-36 months with toddler wrap)
    Fits all cot, crib, bassinet  and single adult mattresses.
    Content: Mattress warp 240 cm + babywrap


    Toddler Wrap
    Age: 6-36 months
    To use in combination with Snoozzz Sleep wrap Regular and Snoozzz Sleepwrap Travel.